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Moultrie Feeders MFHDGSI45S Game Spy I-45S Digital Trail Hunting Camera MFH-DGS-I45S Specs and Details

The M-880i is a Moultrie game camera for capturing digital images of deer and other wild game on your land or hunting camp. Ruggedly designed for peak performance under even the harshest outdoor conditions, the M-880i is the ideal choice for the seasoned game manager who's always in pursuit of the definitive edge over that ever-elusive trophy buck. Whether day or night; field or forest; winter, spring, summer or fall; the M-880i stealthily gathers invaluable field intelligence that gives you the wisdom, confidence and certainty that managing big game requires. There's a powerful force quietly capturing everything that moves on your land: The Moultrie M-880i. KEY DIFFERENTIATING BENEFITS Invisibility Equipped with Moultrie's advanced 70-foot NO-GLOW infrared flash technology and powerfully hidden by Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage, the M-880i is nearly invisible, detecting any and all prey within 50 feet, day or night and still providing the high-quality imagery that today's game manager needs. Utility camera With just the right mix of features and benefits, the M-880i is one of Moultrie's most popular all-around game cameras. Not too simple, not too complicated, the M-880i comes equipped with a simple, easy to use menu system on a 2-line LCD screen. And with ample photo, video and time lapse settings, you can gather all the intel you need on your property to know just what kind of game is out there.

Moultrie Feeders MFHDGSI45S Techical Specification

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Brand:Moultrie Feeders
Additional Specifications
Hunting Tools:Game Cameras
Safe Type:Home
Hunting Accessories:Mounting
Product Type:Strap
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